Writing Assessment Advance 

Language: English

Instructors: By Experts at Highscores

Validity Period: 40 days



Why this course?


You can now upload your text. Get it assessed on four assessment criteria. Gain a tentative band and a detailed feedback. This feedback will help you dramatically improve your next performance.

Course Curriculum

Test 1
Essay: Foreign Language
Report: Diagram
Test 2
Essay: Community Service
Report: Bar Graph
Test 3
Essay: Public Health
Report: Line Graph
Test 4
Essay: Languages
Report: Pie Chart
Test 5
Essay: Children
Report: Table
Test 6
Essay: Study
Report: Bar Graph
Test 7
Essay: Buy products anywhere in the world.
Report: Diagram
Test 8
Essay: Museums
Report: Line Graph
Test 9
Essay: Universities
Report: Bar Graph
Test 10
Essay: Young People
Report: Diagram
Test 11
Essay: Competition in Children
Report: Table
Test 12
Essay 12
Test 13
Essay: Scientific Research
Report: Diagram
Test 14
Essay: Population
Report: Bar Graph
Test 15
Essay: Fast Trains
Report: Diagram

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